Thursday, February 24, 2011

An Open Letter for my Mom and Dad

I love you so much. Your the greatest mom and dad in this world. I am so proud that I am one of your children. Now that you are celebrating the 49th year of your wedding anniversary, I have only one wish for both of you, "May the two of you have many more years of celebrating your wedding anniversaries together".

Thanks mom and dad for making us what we are now. We know that your life 49 years ago is not that easy. You are not abundant by material wealth we know, but your love for each other become the foundation of the family you are building then. Thanks for the abundant love you've given us. Thanks for being a good example to us. Thanks for everything. I will never get tired of saying to everybody that your my mom and my dad! Love you.

I have to end this letter by now, my tears are almost dropping hahahaha.


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