Friday, October 30, 2009

mommy moments - Precious Gift

mommy moments

My little angle was just five months, if materials things will be the basis for the precious gifts, I have nothing to tell but when precious gift means the feelings and everything here it is:
This is the very first time I held my baby, it was seven days after delivery. She stayed in an incubator that is why it's takes some times before I held her. The happiness was different, I was teary-eyed, it was very fulfilling to held your baby after months of waiting. I am so happy of being a mom, It is the most precious gift I ever had more than anything else.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Beware of Kidnappers

As I got home from office last Friday, resting before preparing our dinner, my attention was caught by the report in television (through ABS-CBN TV patrol) regarding the baby that was kidnapped. If I am not mistaken, the baby was just a week old and was taken by the a woman about 20-25 years old who introduce herself as a nursing student, and needed to interview a new moms as a requirement in their school for her to pass the course. She even treated the mother of the baby for a foot-spa at a mall (the mother brought her newly born baby and her elder child), while the mother is having her foot-spa, the alleged nursing student voluntarily tell the mother that she will take care of the babies first and will go to a restaurant to treat the elder child. As the mother went to the restaurant, she found her elder child alone, her newly born and the alleged nursing student was not there anymore. After watching the report, I immediately told Zoe’s nanny not to entertain any unknown people who are trying to talk to her about anything.

I am sharing this, so that we can avoid any other incident like this; let us brief our nannies about what to do in case there are cases like this. Hope this will not happen to us.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Zoe is Already Five Months

Zoe has just turned five months yesterday. It's too fast, she start talking already that makes me and her dad so happy every time we hear those sounds that we too can't understand.

This was taken yesterday, before our little celebration for her.

Happy 5th months birthday Zoe, we hopes that you will grow healthy, healthy and healthy. Love you so much.


mommy moments
Here's my share of Zoe's tantrum moments.
Zoe was just three months here, she was cradled by his Kuya Christian (my sister's son, I am handling her too) she is not comfortable the way she was carried, we just granted Christian's request of cradling her.

Zoe felt very sleepy here, she becomes irritated every time she's sleepy. She don't want sleeping in here bed, but she loves it when you will be the one to lay down and she is laying down on your chest.
Tantrums is very common for babies, especially when they are tired, hungry, frustrated, there diapers got leaky and many others. You can also share your babies tantrums at mommy moments.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Memories of Early Delivery

I just wanted to share my experiences that I had with child birth. When I was pregnant with my baby, it is pretty good. Thus my only problem is that I had UTI (which is also common to pregnant women) and I gained weight fast. I was advised by my Gynecologist to take an antibiotic for the UTI and was cured. My second trimester was quite good and we don’t encounter any problems regarding my pregnancy. I was expecting a 100% fine delivery. But, it was May 20 when I saw blood spot on my undies I thought it was just normal since I am not feeling any ache or anything. I go to the office as usual without any problem at all, even at May 21 I go to office as usual, but after office hour I go to my OB’s clinic to ask what is it, and it happens that my OB wasn’t there so I called in her cp and I was advised to go the hospital (VRPMC). Upon examination of the resident doctors there, we found out that I was already 2-3 cm dilated. I am so afraid co’z I was just 35 weeks pregnant at that time, (my due date was June 19). My OB advised the resident doctors not to allow me to go home anymore because they will try to stop my early labor since it is not my due date yet., they even tried to give medicine to stop the dilation and everything. But, the medicine was not effective I go on with the dilation, it becomes 4cm, 5cm etc., then there are many doctors talking to me, that I have to gave birth already and that they will just try their best to save the baby, they are advising me just to pray hard for the baby to be safe, I was just crying and crying because I can’t accept it, if something happens to my baby. At 8cm the anesthesiologist already injected the anesthesia at my back and then, in less than an hour the water breaks and I gave birth. I saw my baby crying already and was cleaned by the attending Pediatrician and after it she was rush to the nursery and was placed in the incubator. The next thing I know is that I am already in the recovery room. I gave birth without suffering any intolerable pains at all.

Now, my baby is already 5 months old, and was healthy. She is already 6.8kg. Hopefully she will grow healthy and free from any illnesses. She already knows how to smile and even try to start talking.

Friday, October 16, 2009

mommy moments - A Day at the Mall

mommy moments

This is Zoe's first time to visit a mall, at SM Fairview, before going home from my sister's house we stroll at SM with Zoe's grandmother.

Zoe was just 2 months old here with her dad at SM Foodcourt.

This was last week at Mall of Asia, I enjoy bringing here anywhere.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My hubby's supposedly surprise gift

It was me and my hubby's 7th year anniversary as boy friend/girl friend last October 8. Without my knowing he plans on surprising me an anniversary present (my husband is not a guy of surprises or anything, he found it something corny). Before our anniversary date his friends visited us at home and accidentally confessed the "surprise thing" to me, he told me that my husband has ordered a bag for me.

Though it wasn't anymore a surprised one I was very happy that my hubby has extended some effort for me. To my hubby THANK YOU so much, I really appreciated it.

Zoe's visit to my office

I'm on vacation leave at office yesterday but I went to SSS Diliman to secure for my new ID, after it at around 3pm I brought my Baby Zoe to our office.

With the Revenue Accountants Gani, Ma'am Sara, Nico, me and Zoe (Ms. Au where are you)

A pose with Ma'am Sara, Ms. Au F. carrying Zoe, Sir Nick,and me.

After office, we went to here dad's office (I don't have photo of it). Then we go malling and meet her Ninang Julie.

A very tiring day but I know my baby loves it so much. She is fun of strolling anywhere.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Phlippines was under "State of Calamity"

The National Disaster Coordinating Council placed the entire country under a state of calamity in anticipation of the onslaught super-typhoon Pepeng (international codename Parma.

Storm Signal No. 2 has been hoisted over Catanduanes, Camarines Norte, the northern part of Quezon, Aurora, Polillo Islands and Isabela.

Areas under Signal No. 1 were Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, Abra, Apayao, Kalinga, Cagayan, Babuyan Islands, Mt. Province, Ifugao, Benguet, La Union, Nueva Vizcaya, Quirino, Pangasinan, Nueva Ecija, Tarlac, Zambales, Pampanga, Bulacan, Rizal, southern Quezon, Camarines Sur, Albay, Sorsogon, Burias Island, and Northern Samar.

Let us pray, pray and pray that all of us will be safe.

Ondoy's Damaged

Metro Manila and the rest of Luzon is still recovering from the damages caused by last week typhoon Ondoy.

Many families are still in evacuation center. There are lot of casualties due to the heavy rains that causes flash floods and landslides more particularly in Rizal, Antipolo and Pasig area. Let us all pray that this will not happen again since there is another typhoon that is coming to the Philippines.