Thursday, October 22, 2009

Memories of Early Delivery

I just wanted to share my experiences that I had with child birth. When I was pregnant with my baby, it is pretty good. Thus my only problem is that I had UTI (which is also common to pregnant women) and I gained weight fast. I was advised by my Gynecologist to take an antibiotic for the UTI and was cured. My second trimester was quite good and we don’t encounter any problems regarding my pregnancy. I was expecting a 100% fine delivery. But, it was May 20 when I saw blood spot on my undies I thought it was just normal since I am not feeling any ache or anything. I go to the office as usual without any problem at all, even at May 21 I go to office as usual, but after office hour I go to my OB’s clinic to ask what is it, and it happens that my OB wasn’t there so I called in her cp and I was advised to go the hospital (VRPMC). Upon examination of the resident doctors there, we found out that I was already 2-3 cm dilated. I am so afraid co’z I was just 35 weeks pregnant at that time, (my due date was June 19). My OB advised the resident doctors not to allow me to go home anymore because they will try to stop my early labor since it is not my due date yet., they even tried to give medicine to stop the dilation and everything. But, the medicine was not effective I go on with the dilation, it becomes 4cm, 5cm etc., then there are many doctors talking to me, that I have to gave birth already and that they will just try their best to save the baby, they are advising me just to pray hard for the baby to be safe, I was just crying and crying because I can’t accept it, if something happens to my baby. At 8cm the anesthesiologist already injected the anesthesia at my back and then, in less than an hour the water breaks and I gave birth. I saw my baby crying already and was cleaned by the attending Pediatrician and after it she was rush to the nursery and was placed in the incubator. The next thing I know is that I am already in the recovery room. I gave birth without suffering any intolerable pains at all.

Now, my baby is already 5 months old, and was healthy. She is already 6.8kg. Hopefully she will grow healthy and free from any illnesses. She already knows how to smile and even try to start talking.

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