Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Beware of Kidnappers

As I got home from office last Friday, resting before preparing our dinner, my attention was caught by the report in television (through ABS-CBN TV patrol) regarding the baby that was kidnapped. If I am not mistaken, the baby was just a week old and was taken by the a woman about 20-25 years old who introduce herself as a nursing student, and needed to interview a new moms as a requirement in their school for her to pass the course. She even treated the mother of the baby for a foot-spa at a mall (the mother brought her newly born baby and her elder child), while the mother is having her foot-spa, the alleged nursing student voluntarily tell the mother that she will take care of the babies first and will go to a restaurant to treat the elder child. As the mother went to the restaurant, she found her elder child alone, her newly born and the alleged nursing student was not there anymore. After watching the report, I immediately told Zoe’s nanny not to entertain any unknown people who are trying to talk to her about anything.

I am sharing this, so that we can avoid any other incident like this; let us brief our nannies about what to do in case there are cases like this. Hope this will not happen to us.