Saturday, August 28, 2010

Toms Shoes Supports Your Altruistic Desires

In each person there exists a personal, humanistic desire to help others in the name of the betterment of all people. Whether this is an active desire, one that has been suppressed, or has merely been put on the back burner of your busy life, giving selflessly remains a gateway to happiness and personal satisfaction, and can be achieved quite easily without any drastic measures, or even any expense.

In fact, there are now companies that allow people to match their need for essential items, such as shoes and clothing, to altruistic desires. So while your penchant to give, as well as how you choose to give, may be a personal choice (often based upon your personality and specific events in your life), it can be a public act that helps an entire social structure.

One such example of this is the company Tom’s shoes, which provides one pair of shoes to children in need for every one pair you purchase. While shoes may seem an odd thing to give (especially when compared to other basic needs like food or shelter), keep in mind that the majority of children in underdeveloped countries grow up barefoot, which greatly increases the risk for diseases and injuries, and also prohibits children from going to school.

So, while you provide yourself with a new pair of shoes, you can also alter someone else’s life positively, giving them comfort, safety, and opportunity. There are also similar companies that offer a percentage of their profits to give to charities. One such retailer is 3 Clothing Co, who gives 10% of every purchase to non-profit organizations that enhance communities and work for the improvement of the overall quality of life.

As you can see, your personal choice for philanthropy does not have to be inconvenient. It is available directly within your shopping expenditures, holding rewards that will last long after any product you buy.