Friday, October 1, 2010

Prodigal Son II

Here is the continuation of our own story of Prodigal Son. After pleading forgiveness, sincerely talking to my parents as well as to us (his sisters and brothers), we have decide to give him another chance. Holding on his promised that he will change his bad attitude and habits he did in the past. He is already staying in our house once again. He is showing his good side now. Hopefully, what he is showing now will be forever. If only he pursue his study, he is already a graduating 4th year high school student this coming March. But, I know it is not too late for him to study once again, if he decides to enroll again in the next school year we are willing to send him again to school. Now, I am crossing my fingers, saying a prayer that may God enlighten and brighten his mind and lead him to right path.

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