Thursday, September 16, 2010

Prodigal Son

We have an instant brother from 1995; he is with us from his early 5th month from birth. He is the family center of attention; we give him all the love that a family should give. Since, he is the only baby that time he got all he wants. He was a very cute little boy, a very talented and bright toddler; he is also an honor pupil when he was in his elementary years. But, when he enter his teenage life his world was totally change, he is always with his friends, he learned to smoked and drink liquor. He was totally influenced by his friends. He even steals things to finance his vices, worst he steals our things little by little. He doesn’t even try to listen with our advices, when he was scolded, when we try to talk to him, he doesn’t care. He stopped going to school because according to him it was so tiring going to school, he never bother to follow simple commands/house rules we give to him. The only thing he knew is he has many friends and he is enjoying it. We give him hundred times chance to changes, but it never happened. Until the time when our parents give up, we just let him go with what he wants. He leaves our home and stayed anywhere. We heard from neighbors that he tried working as slave in a lumber factory for him to sustain his living; he slept in a parked jeep at night. Until the time he realized all things he did was wrong. (Hopefully!). He went back to our house asking for our parent’s forgiveness about all the things he does. He repented (How I wish and pray, it’s from the bottom of his heart). Now, I don’t know how this story will will come to an end…. Our parents are relying on our mutual decision. Hopefully, whatever that mutual decision is, it will lead into a positive result. If me alone will decide I want to give him another chance, who knows he already realized the essence of life. I know my parents as well as my brothers and sisters have a soft heart, hopefully this will end like those of the Prodigal Son.

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