Friday, September 10, 2010

Our Lady of Peñafrancia "INA nin BIKOLANO"

Our Lady of Peñafrancia also known as “INA NIN BIKOLANO” is the most celebrated religious activity in Bicol Region. As Arch. Legaspi mentioned in an article, “Our Lady of Peñafrancia is part and parcel of the identity of the Bikolanos. She is their mother, patroness, and protector. If siling labuyo is the character index of the Bikolanos, Ina is their spiritual index. She has been a rallying point of unity for the Bikolanos. Anywhere a Bikolano goes; he or she is expected to be a devotee of Ina.” Devotees believe that if you will sincerely ask for blessings from her it will come through.

This is celebrated in Naga City every September. It is started with “TRASLACION PROCESSION” or the Feast of Divino Rostro, this year the procession falls today (September 10). The image of Ina as well as the Divino Rostro is transferred from Basilica to Naga Cathedral. The images are transferred through a procession that is participated by almost all religious organization, civic organizations all over the Bicol region, as well as devotees all over the world. The two images are carried by a group of men known as “voyadores”. It was followed by a nine day novenary mass. At the last day of the novena the images will be brought back to the Basilica (her home) this if called “Fluvial Procession”. This time the images of INA and the Divino Rostro are carried by“pagoda” arch designed water transportation) this will pass through the Naga River.

The image of Divino Rostro.

The image of "INA" Our Lady of Peñafrancia.... Viva La Birhen!!!!!! Viva!!!!

"Fluvial Procession"

How I wish I could attend to the celebration once again. During my childhood up to my college days we are always going to Naga City to participate in the fluvial procession or if not to watch the Fluvial Procession and of course to pray for the Divine Intercession of “INA”. May she continue to shower her abundant blessings to all of us.

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thanks for sharing these photos. i remember this kind of processions too from the Philippies

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