Friday, July 9, 2010

To You My Dearly Friend

We’ve been close friends. We share good memories, laughter, chitchats together. The friendship has started when we’ve been office mates before; we become common friends to at least three persons more. Do you remember the crazy times we did when we are in our OB (official business)? We’ve been regular visitors to your house and vice versa, to eat, to laugh and do crazy things. I treasure that, and I will treasure that forever, surely others feel the same, But, How about you? Do you feel the same? The friendship we have share to you is genuine, is yours also a genuine one? Hopefully! Now, that we are not office mates already, same with our other friends, you’ve changed a lot, I don’t know why, the first year or should I say months that we are no longer seeing each other everyday everything went okay, you are a regular texter to us, a regular chat mate, you always update us on what is currently happening to you. I remember, you even visited me at the hospital when I gave birth to my child. But, as months go by, you’ve change, up to the point that we can’t reach your cell phone number already. There is a time that one of our friends is trying to call you for an important matter to discuss but you are turning off your cp. Why? And now, even in one networking site you have deleted us as your friend. Is there something we have done that hurts you? And why is it that you deleted the three of us, but not the other one? Tell us if you don't want us anymore. But, remember this my dearly friend, even if you hate us (if you do) we love you and we cherish those good memories together, forever.

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chubskulit said...

Ouch, bittersweet.

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