Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Planning a Vacation Trip

I love my parent so much but I am not the showy person type, I must admit. Instead of telling them how much I love them I keep on teasing them on anything, so I am thinking of ways to show my love for them. That is why, I am planning of bringing them in Baguio City this year. I want to surprise them with this vacation. I want them to feel relax for at least a week. They are worthy for a great vacation. Of course I want that our little family will join them with this vacation.

For almost weeks now I am asking this favor to my husband and finally he agreed, I told him that we have to budget everything, including their transportation expense (from our province to Manila and vice versa), our hotel accommodation in Baguio, our foods, and the likes. Also we have to include in our budget our baby car seat. Since we have our 1 year old baby and bringing him without car seat is a little bit hassle, we are planning of buying her here own, and it’s very timing, I have found this cosco car seat, as I look at their product I was so amazed that the design is so good, I started loving their adjustable infant car seat (this is also on sale, yahooo!!!) or this Graco Snugride. Surely hubby will also like this, it was not only the design that is good but the quality of their product is also excellent.

Hopefully our vacation will come true this year. I am now dreaming of how fun would that be.

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