Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Thru Pain Hurts

We are planning of having a second baby for almost two years now. But since my husband is an Overseas Filipino Worker it is so hard for us to have our second baby that instant. When I've spent my two months vacation in his place at South Africa last summer we are so excited when I've noticed that I was already delayed for a couple of days. I was so excited to have my pregnancy test. It was like I win a jackpot in lottery when I've see those two lines, I become so much overwhelmed about it. I was so extra cautious of all the things I've do.   

 This is the only remembrance (I will have) for my second pregnancy.

But all these excitement turns into nervousness when I have my trans vaginal ultrasound. The supposedly eight weeks pregnancy based on my FDLM (first day of last menstruation) was found out to be only five weeks. I was advice to undergo again the said ultrasound after two weeks and the result totally makes my excitement into sadness and so much pain.

Based on the ultrasound I'm having an Anembreyotic Pregnancy or what they commonly called Blighted Ovum. The embryo didn't develop, there is a sac but no embryo at all. I have no choice but to follow my doctor's advice to have my D&G operation. It was so painful, I can say that this is the most painful challenge I've ever encountered and hopefully there will no more other painful challenges (like this one) ahead. Hopefully God has greater plan for our family.  A friend of mine even tell me that God wanted first to have my uterus cleaned before He put healthy babies on it, and I've said AMEN to that. I hope that on my next pregnancy it will be okay, and will have healthier kids.

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