Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dear Mom and Dad,

It was already 48th years when both of you tied the knot, promised to God that you two will be together forever, for better or worst, in sickness and in heath until death do you part. You two is a very inspiring couple, not just for us (your children) but to many people.

You two who brought the nine of us (your children) into what we are now. I remembered then, when you are sharing your stories to us; when you are starting to build our family without anything, but you have done the very best for us to become better as we could. Now, that we are already building our own families you are our inspiration, we would like to follow every little thing you have done for us, because we know that if we will follow the footsteps of your married life, ours, will also be successful.

Now, that you are celebrating your 48th years wedding anniversary, we just want you know that you two occupy the biggest part in our hearts. May you still have many years of being together. We love you so much. "You are the most wonderful mom and dad in the world".

Your children,
Anton, Gualbert, France, Mylou, Arlene, Ellen, Carol, Cathy, Ardith